Landscape Design and Custom Gardens

Shin-Boku will work with you to create a Japanese-style garden of your own — perfectly suited to your desires, budget, and site.

Our own Stroll Garden at Shin-Boku Nursery is a showcase of some of the best techniques and features of a Japanese-style garden. For more information, please visit our Stroll Garden page or come take a stroll for some inspiration. Perhaps we can design a similar garden for you. Please call for an appointment.

The pictures below highlight some of our recent landscape projects and tree installations. Browse through them to see what we can do.

Landscaping a pond in Lyme, NH to produce a Japanese Garden

(click on an image to see a larger picture)

A specimen tree installed in Oyster Bay, NY adds interest to a blank wall

(click on an image to see a larger picture)

Gallery (click on an image to see a larger picture)

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